FS Tool Professional Line Saw Blades for Cordless Machines

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FS Tool's wide range of Pro-Line Saw Blades have been specifically designed for portable machines and stationary table saws. Our Pro-Line Saw Blades are manufactured using the same state of the art machinery used to manufacture our famous high quality industrial and XL4000 extended life saw blades.


  • Hardened, surface-ground and roll-tensioned steel body
  • Induction brazed tungsten carbide tips
  • Precision Ground
  • Laser cut expansion slots, self-plugged for noise reduction
  • Skill knockout where indicated

  • Tooth configuration: refer to items (grind)
  • Cutting Material: TC
  • Expansion Slots: laser, self plug


  • For crosscutting solid wood, veneered and plastic laminated sheets
  • On portable machines
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Compare LH424 ATB0.115 in0.07 in24 $51.24 Add to cart
Compare LH426 TCG0.115 in0.07 in24 $51.24 Add to cart
Compare LH440 ATB0.115 in0.07 in40 $65.28 Add to cart
Compare LH442 TCG0.115 in0.07 in40 $66.52 Add to cart
Compare LH530 5/8 inTCG0.115 in0.07 in40 $73.84 Add to cart