Freud® Saw Blades to Cut Non-Ferrous Metals: Series LP40M

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To size bilaminated panels and to cut solid drawn products and tubes.

Machines: Portable machines
Features: Flat triple-chip tooth with negative cutting angle
Material: Bilaminated panels, aluminum, and non-ferrous metals

Non-ferrous metals: High
Laminates: High

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Item # DiameterArborKerfTeethPlatePinholesManufacturerNote Price Add To Cart
Compare LP40M026P 160 mm20 mm2.2 mm481.6 mm--Freud ToolsCALL FOR AVAILABILITY & PRICE N/A Add to cart
Compare LP40M019P 216 mm30 mm2.4 mm641.8 mm2/6/42Freud ToolsCALL FOR AVAILABILITY & PRICE N/A Add to cart