Freud® Saw Blades for Radial & Pendulum Machines: LU1A Series

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Carbide-Tipped Blade to Cut Solid Wood for radial and pendulum machines. Crosscutting. High-performance sawblade, with excellent cut and without splintering; finished and perfectly smooth surface, which is specifically recommended for molds and sections and end trims where the front-end cut keeps visible.

Silver I.C.E. Coating prevents build-up on the blade surface and keeps the blade running cooler and cleaner.

Saw Blades suitable for crosscutting.

Machines: Radial, pendulum, and portable machines
Features: ATB 15° tooth with negative cutting angle
Material: Softwood, hardwood, dried and wet solid wood

Crosscutting of softwood: Good

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Item # PlateTeeth Price Add To Cart
Compare LU1A01 3 mm36 $114.13 Add to cart
Compare LU1A02 3 mm42 $128.97 Add to cart
Compare LU1A03 3 mm48 N/A Add to cart
Compare LU1A04 3 mm54 $232.14 Add to cart
Compare LU1A05 3.2 mm60 $283.69 Add to cart
Compare LU1A06 3.2 mm72 N/A Add to cart
Compare LU1A07 3.5 mm72 $391.48 Add to cart