Amana Timberline Floor King™ Saw Blade Designed for Crain® Multi-Undercut Saws

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Use to fully undercut inside corners, as well as undercut along walls, door jambs, and under spaces. Tensioned and heat-treated for virtually no run-out and premium carbide tips that can be resharpened many times.

Product Information: • Professional Quality • Carbide-Tipped • Individually Carded

These blades fit the following Crain® multi-undercut saws:

Tool No. 55036 fits #555 – Due to the bell-shaped rigid design, this carbide-tipped blade is for use only with Crain® multi-undercut saw #555

Tool No. 55040 fits #550 –  Fits older/discontinued Crain® model #550 multi-cut saw only

Warning Caution: As these blades are subject to possible abuse, they are not guaranteed. Blades are not recommended for cutting metal as sparks can become a fire hazard.

Floor King® is a registered trademark of the Amana Tool Corporation.

Item # DiameterBoreGrindKerfPlateSpecs-MiscTeethUsage/System Price Add To Cart
Compare 55036 5 1/2 in22.22mm ConcaveATB2.5 mm1.7 mmComparable to Crain® Blade #55636Crain® Multi-Undercut Saw #555 $30.48 Add to cart