Amana Timberline FiberForce™ Fiber Cement Board Cutting Blades

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The Timberline® FiberForce™ blade contains a unique 6-tooth carbide-tipped design that is made for cutting single sheets of cement board or Wonderboard™.

• Special flat top tooth grind • Hardened body for long life • Unique shoulder design for consistent chip removal • Harder carbide for maximum cutting life

Designed to cut: Cement board or Wonderboard™

Product Information: • ATB Grind: 7-1/4" / ATAF Grind: 10" & 12" • Thin Kerf • Carbide-Tipped • Professional Quality • Clamshell Packaged

Item # BoreGrindKerfPlateTeethUsage/System Price Add To Cart
Compare 185-06 ATB1.84 mm1.16 mm6Portable Saws (7 1/4 in blade only) $20.85 Add to cart
Compare 254-32 ATAF3 mm2.2 mm32Chop & Miter Saws (10 in -12 in blades only) $34.61 Add to cart
Compare 305-40 ATAF3.2 mm2.2 mm40Chop & Miter Saws (10 in -12 in blades only) $49.95 Add to cart