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Amana Tool Saw Blade Stabilizer/Stiffener

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The purpose of blade stabilizers is to increase the overall stiffness of the saw blade, thus reducing vibration. Reduction in vibration improves cut quality and dampens noise. Stabilizers are particularly beneficial when used with thin-kerf blades. Amana Tool® stabilizers are made from the steel used for our Industrial Series saw blades. The steel is ground (not stamped), and it is extremely flat on both sides to reduce run-out and vibration. Please note that depth of cut will be reduced slightly and interference between the stabilizers and the table insert may occur. You may use one or two stabilizers, depending on the application and arbor length.

Each order number consists of one pair.

Amana Tool Blade Stabilizer/Stiffener
Item # DiameterBoreKerfManufacturerUsage/System Price Add To Cart
Compare STF-4 4 in5/8 in.098 (x2)Amana ToolSaw blade diameters 8" to 12" $19.62 Add to cart
Compare STF-4-30 4 in30mm.100 (x2)Amana ToolSaw blade diameters 8" to 12" $19.62 Add to cart
Compare STF-6 6 in1 in.100 (x2)Amana ToolSaw blade diameters 14" to 20" $22.88 Add to cart

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