Amana Tool Mortising Carbide-Tipped with Upper Ball Bearing Guide 2-Flute Downshear Design

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There is no faster method for producing multiple mortises than with a template. And the accuracy achieved with a template is unparallel. These mortise bits are specially designed for use with templates, both linear and curved.

If you’ve ever used a bushing with template work then you’ll appreciate these bearing-guided bits; there’s no need to calculate offset—ever. Instead, the mortise is sized exactly to the template. And, unlike a bushing on the router sub-base, the guide bearing is always concentric to the cutting circle of the bit. This ensures precise cuts every time.

Note: A proper mortising bit should have a large gullet (as shown in the image below) between the two flutes. This allows greater chip clearance and removal.

Item # DiameterCut Height/LengthFlute GeometryFluteOverall LengthShank Price Add To Cart
Compare 45582 1/2 in3/4 inDowncut22 3/8 in1/4 in $31.80 Add to cart
Compare 45584 5/8 in3/4 inDowncut22 3/8 in1/4 in $33.71 Add to cart
Compare 45586 3/4 in3/4 inDowncut22 7/16 in1/4 in $39.11 Add to cart
Compare 45590 1 1/4 in1/2 inDowncut22 5/8 in1/2 in $47.03 Add to cart