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Viking Drill & Tool High Performance Reduced Neck Spiral Point Taps Type 29-ACN: Titanium Carbon Nitride - Metric

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• Titanium Carbon Nitride – TiCN coating is harder than TiN coating, resulting in longer tool life and enhanced performance
• For use in multiple applications

TiCN coating – high productivity when threading stainless steel, nickel, and aluminum for use in multiple applications.

Item # FlutePitch Diameter LimitSizeManufacturerUnit PricePack QuantityNo. of Pieces Price Add To Cart
Compare 31441 2D33-.50Viking Drill & Tool$18.5233 $55.55 Add to cart
Compare 31451 3D44-.70Viking Drill & Tool$20.9833 $62.93 Add to cart
Compare 31461 3D45-.80Viking Drill & Tool$20.9833 $62.93 Add to cart
Compare 31471 3D56-1.00Viking Drill & Tool$21.8233 $65.46 Add to cart
Compare 31481 3D58-1.25Viking Drill & Tool$25.4233 $76.26 Add to cart
Compare 31491 3D610-1.50Viking Drill & Tool$36.1133 $108.34 Add to cart
Compare 31501 3D612-1.75Viking Drill & Tool11 $42.98 Add to cart
Compare 31511 3D714-2.00Viking Drill & Tool11 $63.60 Add to cart
Compare 31521 3D716-2.00Viking Drill & Tool11 $73.90 Add to cart

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