Viking Drill & Tool Super Premium Ultra Bor High Performance Reduced Neck - Spiral Point Taps Type 29-UBN: Titanium Nitride - Metric

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• Special tool geometry creates less torque, better removal of chips and runs cooler. • Designed for difficult materials including: stainless steel, alloy steels, and high carbon steel.

Titanium nitride increases wear resistance by producing a higher surface hardness and exceptional lubricity, resulting in longer tool life.

Item # FluteSizePitch Diameter LimitManufacturerUnit PricePack QuantityNo. of Pieces Price Add To Cart
Compare 09941 23-.50D3Viking Drill & Tool$17.1233 $51.35 Add to cart
Compare 09951 34-.70D4Viking Drill & Tool$19.0133 $57.02 Add to cart
Compare 09961 35-.80D4Viking Drill & Tool$19.0133 $57.02 Add to cart
Compare 09971 36-1.00D5Viking Drill & Tool$19.8233 $59.45 Add to cart
Compare 09981 38-1.25D5Viking Drill & Tool$23.1133 $69.32 Add to cart
Compare 09991 310-1.50D6Viking Drill & Tool$33.1733 $99.52 Add to cart
Compare 10001 312-1.75D6Viking Drill & Tool$39.7933 $119.36 Add to cart
Compare 10011 314-2.00D7Viking Drill & Tool11 $59.05 Add to cart
Compare 10021 316-2.00D7Viking Drill & Tool11 $68.75 Add to cart