Viking Drill & Tool Super Premium Ultra Bor Jobber Length - Burrout™ Brad Point Drill Sets Type 16-UB

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Type 16-UB

Jobber Length – Burrout™

These high performance drills made from Hi-Moly tool steel will cut holes in sheet metal, wood, or plastic, and leave no burr. They will also drill splinter-free holes in wood. The special BURROUT™ point cuts at the circumference of the hole to avoid the break-through burr problems common with standard point drills.

Item # ManufacturerSizeTypeNo. of PiecesPack Quantity Price Add To Cart
Compare 42001 (BF-10) Viking Drill & Tool5/64 - 3/16 by 64ths + 7/32, 1/4Type 16-UB BURROUT Set101 Set $37.50 Add to cart
Compare 42031 (BF-14) Viking Drill & Tool5/64 - 3/16 by 64ths + 7/32, 1/4 - 1/2 by 16thsType 16-UB BURROUT Set141 Set $81.22 Add to cart