Viking Drill & Tool Super Premium Ultra Bor Chatterproof™ Type 82-UB & Type 90-UB Sets

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Special Hi-Molybdenum tool steel, gold surface treated for maximum lubricity.

These high performance, flute-less tools are:

- Free Cutting, for ease of use
- Designed for fast stock removal
- Chatterproof, for a micro-smooth finish
- Easily resharpened, for extra long life
- Available in a wide selection of styles
- Recommended for smooth finishes on metal, plastic, and wood applications
- USA Manufacturer

Item # No. of PiecesAdditional DetailType Price Add To Cart
Compare 10440 (SP-4CS) 1 Set82-UB C/S Sizes: CS5S, CS6S, CS8S, CS10SSP-4CS $49.61 Add to cart
Compare 10442 (SP-4ACS) 1 Set82-UB C/S sizes: CS6S, CS8S, CS10S, CS3/16SSP-4ACS $55.93 Add to cart
Compare 10450 (SP-6DB) 1 Set90-UB D/B sizes: DB1/16, DB1/8, DB5/32, DB3/16, DB5/16, DB9/16SP-6DB $126.78 Add to cart
Compare 10443 (SP-9CS) 1 Set82-UB C/S sizes: CS5S, CS6S, CS8S, CS10S, CS1/4, CS5/16, CS3/8, CS7/16, CS1/2SP-9CS $184.03 Add to cart