Viking Drill & Tool Drywall Bits for Cutouts Type 180-GP Black and Gold & Type 180-SA Bright Finish

Edge of Arlington offers free shipping in the United States when you choose flat rate shipping. Type 180-GP - Black & Gold High-Speed Steel - Guide Point Left -Hand Cut • Cuts material up to 1" thick • Left-hand spiral; Right hand cut  • For use with Rotozip Spiral saws Gold Oxide treated body and clearance for maximum lubricity Type 180-S - Bright Finish High-Speed Steel - Left -Hand Cut • Can cut material up to 1" thick  • Left hand spiral; Right hand cut  • For use in Rotozip Spiral saws  • Cuts a variety of materials from wood to fiberglass Bright Finish recommended for non-ferrous metals, wood, and fiberglass  CAUTION: Safety glasses and dust mask must be worn at all times when using super drywall bits.
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