Amana Tool 3-Step RTA Furniture Drill/Countersink Assembly w/HSS Slow Spiral Drill

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Commonly used for RTA (ready to assemble) furniture fittings. Specially-treated high speed steel countersink with polished slow-spiral drill bit. Will perform 3 tasks in one: pilot hole, clearance hole, and countersink. For connecting screws (Confirmat, Directa, etc.). The shankless countersink is heat treated.

Cut height can be adjusted up to 30mm

Replacement parts: 5x7mm stepped drill #55107; Hex key #5009

Item # DiameterCut Height/LengthDiameter (D1)Diameter (D2)Shank Price Add To Cart
Compare 55650 10 mmup to 30mm5 mm7 mm7 mm $34.58 Add to cart