Amana Tool SM Burrs - Pointed Cone Shape

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Double Cut (DC) burrs utilize a cross flute of exactly half the number of standard flutes in an opposing helix. Benefits include rapid removal of a broad range of materials combined with excellent operator control. It does this by incorporating a cutting rake angle that gives great “bite” into the material, and yet is not so aggressive that the operator fatigues quickly after using it in a hand piece. A DC flute geometry gives better performance in low RPM applications, but still performs well at high RPMs.

Applications: To be used with air or electricity-driven hand die-grinder with a typical collet mechanism or knee mill with an air-driven spindle speeder such as an Air Turbine product. An air speeder can bump spindle.

(Carbide brazed to steel shank.)

Warning: Not to be used in conventional routers.

Excellent for cutting:

-Cast Iron
-Steel: 40-55rc
-Steel: 55-60rc
-Steel: Carbon
-Steel: Nickel
-Stainless Steel
-Steel Weldments

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