Amana Tool High Performance Ditec™ Brad Point Boring Bits Carbide-Tipped 57MM-70MM Long

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Ditec™ dowel drills feature special grinding and high performance carbide for ultra long lasting applications.

Industrial Brad Point Boring Bits are coated with a non-stick coating for longer lasting cutting edge and tool life. Amana Tool® dowel drills are coated with a special Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), a non-stick color coating. In cases where the carbide tip cutting edges are coated, there is no need to sand the coating off before use. Once the tool starts drilling, the coating is cleared off the needed cutting edge right away. Amana’s coating is applied onto the bit at a temperature of 570° F. The coating reduces the friction between the chip and the body inside the flute and it helps to clear the chips out of the hole during the drilling to create a cooler drilling area, no burning, and longer lasting cutting edge.

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