Techniks HSK 32E, 40E, 50E, 63E Toolholders for HSK E Type Spindles

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  • Balanced to 25,000 RPM at G2.5
  • T.I.R. 0.0001″ measured from taper to collet pocket
  • PowerCoat nut included for 75% more clamping power
Item # DiameterFlatsLengthSpecs-MiscList Price Price Add To Cart
Compare 31374-60-E 42mm23mmLength 60mm // Length l2 27mmHSK32E x ER25, slotted nut$280.00 $224.00 Add to cart
Compare 31376-E 32mm24mmLength 65mm // Length l2 45mmHSK40E x ER16, slotted nut$329.00 $263.20 Add to cart
Compare 31383-E 42mm27mmLength 75mm // Length l2 55mmHSK40E x ER25, slotted nut$329.00 $263.20 Add to cart
Compare 31386-E 50mm35mmLength 100mm // Length l2 80mmHSK40E x ER32, slotted nut$329.00 $263.20 Add to cart
Compare 31419-E 50mm36mmLength 85mm // Length l2 59mmHSK50E x ER32, slotted nut$360.00 $288.00 Add to cart
Compare 31456-E 50mm36mmLength 90mm // Length l2 64mmHSK63E x ER32, slotted nut$420.00 $336.00 Add to cart
Compare 31472-E 63mm46mmLength 120mm // Length l2 94mmHSK63E x ER40, slotted nut$459.00 $367.20 Add to cart
Compare 50001 63mm46mmLength 75mm // Length l2 49mmHSK63E x ER 40, slotted nut$588.00 $470.40 Add to cart
Compare 31402-E 28mm27mmLength 80mm // Length l2 60mmHSK50E x ER16, slotted nut$360.00 $288.00 Add to cart