Vega Hex Tamper L-Keys - Short Length - Inch

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All L-Keys are uniquely made from S2 modified steel for industry leading performance • A broad offering of length, size, and tip configuration options • All drive tips are CNC machined for precise fit in the fastener recess • Through-hardened for maximum durability

Item # ManufacturerOAL x Tip Length (L1xL2)Tip/PointUnit PricePack Quantity Price Add To Cart
Compare HT0664S Vega Industries.65 in x 2.00 in3/32 in$0.9010 $9.00 Add to cart
Compare HT0764S Vega Industries.70 in x 2.10 in7/64 in$0.9010 $9.00 Add to cart
Compare HT0864S Vega Industries.75 in x 2.20 in1/8 in$1.0010 $10.00 Add to cart
Compare HT0964S Vega Industries.80 in x 2.35 in9/64 in$1.0810 $10.80 Add to cart
Compare HT1064S Vega Industries.85 in x 2.50 in5/32 in$1.2210 $12.20 Add to cart
Compare HT1264S Vega Industries.95 in x 2.75 in3/16 in$1.5610 $15.60 Add to cart
Compare HT1464S Vega Industries1.05 in x 3.00 in7/32 in$1.8810 $18.80 Add to cart
Compare HT1664S Vega Industries1.10 in x 3.25 in1/4 in$2.3010 $23.00 Add to cart
Compare HT2064S Vega Industries1.25 in x 3.75 in5/16 in$3.7210 $37.20 Add to cart
Compare HT2464S Vega Industries1.35 in x 4.25 in3/8 in$5.6010 $56.00 Add to cart