Vega 6-pt Impact Sockets Long Length Thin Wall - 3/8" Sq Drive (SAE)

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Made from S2 modified shock resistant steel for professional performance and durability. Rounded corners on hex and square opening for stress relief.

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Item # Diameter (D1)Diameter (D2)LengthOpeningStyle Price Add To Cart
Compare 25162-T 0.51 in0.75 in2 in5/16 inC $7.31 Add to cart
Compare 20382-T 0.6 in0.75 in2 in3/8 inC $7.31 Add to cart
Compare 27162-T 0.66 in0.75 in2 in7/16 inC $7.31 Add to cart
Compare 20122-T 0.71 in0.75 in2 in1/2 inC $7.31 Add to cart
Compare 20342-T 1.02 in0.87 in2 1/2 in3/4 inD $11.28 Add to cart
Compare 29162-T 0.83 in0.87 in2 1/2 in9/16 inC $7.83 Add to cart