Vega Torx® Tamper Socket Bits - 1/2" Square Drive

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Made from S2 modified shock resistant steel for professional performance and durability. Proprietary precision CNC machined tips for excellent fit in fastener recess. 1-piece construction increases durability and service life of bit.

Item # LengthManufacturerTip/Point Price Add To Cart
Compare 338TT30SB 1 1/2 inVega Industries30 $13.68 Add to cart
Compare 338TT40SB 1 1/2 inVega Industries40 $13.68 Add to cart
Compare 338TT45SB 1 1/2 inVega Industries45 $13.68 Add to cart
Compare 338TT50SB 1 1/2 inVega Industries50 $13.68 Add to cart
Compare 338TT55SB 1 1/2 inVega Industries55 $13.68 Add to cart
Compare 338TT60SB 1 1/2 inVega Industries60 $13.68 Add to cart