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Diablo® Tools 4" Fiber Disc, Aluminum Oxide

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Diablo’s fiber discs feature a premium aluminum oxide blend for faster material removal and longer sanding life. These fiber discs deliver extended sanding life and increased productivity. For use when removing stock, grinding, blending, or smoothing welds.

Premium Aluminum Oxide Blend is a superior quality formulation designed for fast material removal and long sanding life. High performance coating that reduces pitch build-up and clogging for maximum productivity. High strength resin provides superior grit-to-backing bond for extreme durability.

Available in 4 packs

A backing pad is needed in order to attach the fiber disc to a sander or grinder.

Also use for wood, plastics, and fiberglass.

 Suggested Projects: Metal Surface Rust or Paint Removal, Surface Prep and Polishing, Wood Material Removal, Weld Blending

Item # ApplicationRecommended ForArborDiameterGritRPMPack QuantityUnit Price Price Add To Cart
Compare DCF040036S04G Rebar, Angle Iron, Cast Iron, Steel Bar, Wood, Plastic, FiberglassFor extra heavy stock removal5/8 in4 in36 Extra Coarse152505 Packs of 4 Discs$3.80 $18.98 Add to cart

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