Diablo® Tools Diamond Cup Wheels for Masonry

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Diablo’s diamond cup wheels provide extreme durability, faster cuts, and longer life in concrete grinding applications. These superior performing diamond cup wheels deliver up to 3X faster material removal versus standard diamond cup wheels. Extra-wide slots provide maximum dust extraction while the L-shaped diamond segments avoid gouging and swirl marks.

Industrial-grade diamonds deliver lasting durability and maximize quality in extreme applications.

L-shaped diamond segments for a clean, smooth finish with fast grinding action and long wheel life
Extra-wide slots deliver efficient dust extraction
Optimized L-shaped diamond segments and diamond distribution lead to constant diamond exposure for maximum performance in concrete grinding applications

For dry grinding

Item # ApplicationArborDiameterRim DesignRPM Price Add To Cart
Compare DMACW0400 Masonry Grinding5/8 in - 11 thread4 inCup Wheel15,250 $61.88 Add to cart
Compare DMACW0450 Masonry Grinding5/8 in - 11 thread4 1/2 inCup Wheel13,280 $70.73 Add to cart
Compare DMACW0700 Masonry Grinding5/8 in - 11 thread7 inCup Wheel8,450 $88.41 Add to cart